Smart Wireless Doorbell Set: Waterproof, Self-Powered Button with Outdoor House Chimes and Receiver – Ideal for Home Welcome

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Introducing our Smart Wireless Doorbell Set, the perfect addition to your home! Experience hassle-free installation, extended range, and eco-friendly technology, all while enjoying clear and customizable sound for up to 26 years.

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Introducing our Smart Wireless Doorbell Set, a must-have for your home! This set includes a range of impressive features to enhance your doorbell experience:

Innovative Self-Powered Button: Our latest technology eliminates the need for battery installation. The button harnesses kinetic energy, converting it into electrical power. Enjoy the convenience of never worrying about battery replacements.

Weatherproof and Reliable: With its IP44 waterproof rating, our doorbell button can withstand heavy rain, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. Rest assured that it will endure extended use without compromising functionality.

Extended Range and Easy Installation: Experience the freedom of a 150m remote control range in open air. Although indoor range is influenced by wall thickness and quantity, it still covers 20-80 meters, catering to the needs of most residential and high-rise buildings. Installing the doorbell is a breeze with the option to use either the double-sided adhesive tape or screws, making it hassle-free and flexible.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Enhanced Performance: Equipped with an advanced A12 signal processor and a super-sensing antenna, our doorbell boasts a superior digital signal circuit that effectively minimizes interference, ensuring a clear and uninterrupted connection.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly: By utilizing self-powering technology, our doorbell promotes energy conservation and environmental protection. With each press of the button, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy, eliminating the need for batteries. Enjoy a more convenient and sustainable solution for your home.

Strong Signal, Long Distance: Experience stronger signal strength and enhanced wall penetration, allowing for a remote control range of up to 150m in open air. Whether you’re in a spacious home or a high-rise building, our doorbell meets your needs.

Designed for Safety and Durability: Our doorbell features an upgraded IC circuit that ensures it remains cool even during long periods of use. This provides better security and extends its lifespan, allowing it to last up to an impressive 26 years.

Clear and Customizable: Enjoy high volume and excellent sound quality with our doorbell. Its clear and crisp tones ensure you never miss a visitor. Furthermore, the mute setting allows you to avoid disturbing your baby’s sleep, and an LED flashing light serves as a visible reminder when guests ring the doorbell.

Free Matching and Easy Installation: Our doorbell utilizes learning code technology, allowing you to pair buttons and receivers freely. Say goodbye to complicated setups! Installation is a breeze as no wiring or tools are required. You can easily attach the receiver to a socket and affix the button to your outside wall using either double-sided tape or screws. No need to make holes or cause any damage.

Important Note: Please avoid placing the button on an iron door, as it may interfere with the signal. Ensure optimal performance by placing the button on a non-metallic surface.

Upgrade your doorbell experience today with our Smart Wireless Doorbell Set – the perfect combination of convenience, reliability, and innovation.





✅ Box x1
✅ Button x1
✅ Receiver x1
✅ Manual x1
✅ Accessory package (contains 2 double-sided tape and 2 screws)
✅ Certificate of conformity x1
✅ Spare double-sided tape x2

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1 Button 1 Receiver, No Button 1 Receiver, 1 Button NO Receiver

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