Solar-Powered Infrared Motion Sensor Alarm: Enhance Security with 110db Siren & Strobe Light for Home, Garden, Garage, Shed, and Caravan

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Introducing our new Motion Detector Alarm, a high-quality security solution that offers reliable protection for your valuable belongings. powered by solar energy for an eco-friendly and wire-free security solution. With easy installation and powerful features like a 110dB alarm and flashing strobe light, it ensures quick and effective response to potential intruders.

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Product Description:

Introducing our brand new and high-quality Motion Detector Alarm, designed to provide reliable protection for any area or valuable belongings. This versatile unit can be effortlessly placed anywhere or easily mounted on a wall, creating an invisible zone of security.

Powered by solar energy, this alarm eliminates the need for wires and electricity, making it a truly energy-saving solution. Once fully charged, it can operate for up to 30 days, ensuring long-lasting functionality without any hassle.

Featuring a waterproof design, this alarm is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering enhanced durability and flexibility. Whether you need to secure your home, office, garage, shed, garden, or farm, this motion-triggered alarm is the ideal choice.

Upon detecting an unauthorized entry within its wide detection range of 5-8 meters and 110-degree coverage horizontally and vertically, the alarm will emit a powerful 110dB sound and activate a strobe light, effectively alerting you and deterring potential intruders.

With its easy installation process, simply screwing it in to mount, this alarm ensures a hassle-free setup. Its compact size of 6.9x12cm makes it convenient to place discreetly yet effectively.

Equipped with a flashing strobe light and a powerful 110dB alarm, this alarm system ensures that anyone in the vicinity will be promptly alerted to a potential break-in.

Choose from four working modes to suit your specific needs. Mode #1 offers a 24-hour operation with both sound and strobe alarm, while Mode #2 provides a silent strobe alarm. Mode #3 is designed for nighttime use, operating for 12 hours with sound and strobe alarm, and Mode #4 offers a silent strobe alarm for 12 hours.

Not only does this motion detector alarm protect against human intruders, but it also helps keep unwanted animals like deer and bears out of your garden. It serves as an excellent addition to areas that security cameras may not fully cover.

With its wide application range, this alarm is suitable for various settings, including villas, homes, schools, stores, markets, farms, gardens, and yards, ensuring comprehensive security wherever you need it.

Please note the following:

A. If the alarm is not in use, remember to turn it off and place it in sunlight for charging every three months.

B. The alarm is triggered by any moving object close to human body temperature or by a person in close proximity.

C. The motion detection distance and angle may be affected by ambient temperature and signal interference.


  • Solar Panel: 5V/0.6W polysilicon panel
  • LED: 6pcs LED (flash red) with 1000m visibility
  • Function: 4 Models: #1 24 Hours-Sound And Strobe Alarm; #2 24 Hours-Silent Strobe Alarm; #3 Night 12 Hours-Sound And Strobe Alarm; #4 12 Hours-Silent Strobe Alarm
  • Material: ABS
  • Charge Mode: Solar Energy
  • Charge Time: 6-8 Hours
  • Working Time: Motion Alarm 45s > 300 times
  • Alarm Sound: 110 dB
  • Waterproof Degree: IP65
  • Battery: 3.7V/400mAh Polymer Lithium-ion
  • Detection Distance: 5-8 meters (May be affected by environmental temperature)
  • Detection Angle: 110 degrees
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  • Size: 6.9x12cm


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